Voices in the Coalshed: Looking for the Light

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As November comes to an end, we're excited to be revealing the results of this month's Voices in the Coalshed, where we invited contributions on the theme of 'Bright spots In A Dark Year'. Using all of your contributions, here's 'Looking for the Light'!

Here's what Dave Alton, our resident poet and member of Voices in the Coalshed had to say about this month's activity:
"As ever the variety that arrived proved the worth of the endeavour. I suspect the contributors were not expecting a presentation like this. I have taken one phrase from each contribution and presented them as a single unit. In times (very) past, when writing was first emerging, there was no punctuation, upper and lower case letters or spacing. This just seemed a way of unifying this piece. It is also a challenge to the viewer. I say viewer rather than reader. I challenge you to look and make your own connections, perhaps illuminating a moment for you."
Thanks to contributors this month:
Ian Schofield
Sharon Healy
Martin Burhouse
Anne Bradley 
Rebecca Walton
Julie Eliot
Sally-ann Burley
Mike Keeton
Amy Boothroyd
Kate Fraser

Discover more about Voices in the Coalshed and keep an eye out for December's task coming very soon! 

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