The Colliery Cat

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Most mines would have had a cat that lived in the underground stables to help keep the mouse population under control! The Museum has two cats who hang out at the stables!


Find out more about the cats on the Museum website:

Want to make your own colliery cat to keep you company at home? Have a go at making a colliery cat puppet from an old gift bag! Here's what you need:

  • Gift bag
  • Card or paper
  • Colours
  • Glue

Step 1) Use the card or paper to cut out 2 ears (triangles), 2 eyes (circles), muzzle, tail, tummy, tongue and 2 paws. You can cut some thin strips for whiskers or use pipe cleaners. Think about the size of your bag to decide how large to make your shapes!

Step 2) Colour your body parts in - it can be as colourful as you like!

Step 3) The smooth side of the bag will be the back of your cat. Stick the eyes, ears, muzzle and whiskers on the flap, then stick the tongue underneath the flap. Glue the paws and tail in the flap and the tummy on the front. Make sure you let everything dry so your cat stays in one piece!

Step 4) And there you have it! What will you name your colliery cat?

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