Story from the Stores: From Pram to Stretcher

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Who fancies a glimpse at some of our hidden collection with this week's Story from the Stores?
This unusual extended pram was originally purchased by Eric Young in the 1940s so that he could move his disabled daughter around outside of his home.
Eric originally started as an agent for the Bolsover Colliery Co. Ltd, and by 1940 he was both General Manager and Director. In 1947, the company was Nationalised and Mr Young became employed with the National Coal Board, at which point he moved to Surrey.
Eventually, Eric donated the pram to Thoresby colliery, and the carriage was then used as an emergency wheeled stretcher for miners with suspected spinal injuries.
During his work with the NCB, Young worked abroad and was knighted in 1950 after success in America, even being called 'the most expert mining engineer in the country' during a session in parliament.

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