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The National Coal Mining Museum for England is proud to announce a record number of education visits. 19,730 pupils visited the Museum in 2015, a 7% increase on the previous year.

This follows the announcement of the Museum’s highest ever visitor figures of 138,291 in its 28 year history, a 16% increase from 2015.

The National Coal Mining Museum for England is dedicated to preserving the history of coal mining and the learning programme involves a range of cross-curricular workshops and immersive experiences for pupils at primary and secondary level.

Pupils who visit the Museum have the opportunity to learn about their local history, investigate Britain’s industrial past, see science in action and develop their creativity in a truly unique learning environment.

The learning team at the Museum are currently working closely with some of their most local schools to develop new bespoke learning experiences.

This year they have also successfully worked with the English Folk Dance and Song Society and Wakefield Music Hub to deliver an innovative project with six schools in Featherstone; using folk music to inspire local heritage studies and develop literacy skills.

Local teacher June Richardson comments

"There is nothing to beat a day's visit to the NCM! In Class Five we spend the day 'down t'pit', wander the grounds and visit our favourite part - the pit ponies. Not only that but we also get to see the forge lit and take part in the 'hands on' Gears and Pulleys workshop, all in one day!

It is a day was the children are immersed in the times of the coal industry. It ticks many curriculum boxes but more importantly is fun learning and 'real' for the children ...and then there is the shop which ofcourse is a highlight for the children. Learning would be flat and boring without educational visits such as the NCM provides!"




Jayne Ambrose, Education Officer commented: “We are absolutely thrilled with the number of pupils we’ve welcomed to the Museum this past year. The Museum is a fantastic immersive environment and the perfect place to spark pupils’ imaginations and inspire learning across the curriculum. We aim to provide an exciting and unforgettable learning experience and are really proud of what we have achieved this year. However, the work does not stop here as we continue to strive to improve the learning programme and find new partners to work to enthuse even more young people to learn about coal mining heritage.”

Recently, the National Coal Mining Museum for England became an Arts Award supporter and is encouraging pupils completing Arts Award projects to use the unique Museum site as inspiration. The Museum has created a new engaging resource pack specifically designed to lead pupils on a creative journey around the site, using skills including drawing, role play and descriptive writing. This is just one of the many new projects the Museum continues to develop for schools.

For information about the Museum’s Education Programme visit or call 01924 848806.


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