Our Day Out at the British Library

Posted on by Anita O'Donovan

The Museum Director Dr Faull and the Library team (Anisha, David and Jill)  were invited to the British Library for a special visit by Roly Keating, Chief Executive of the British Library.

Pictured: L-R David, Jill and Anisha, Museum librarians.

The invitation for the 20th April was a result of Roly Keating coming to Yorkshire in October 2014.  He helped to open The Craft of the Miner: Agricola's Masterpiece exhibition at the museum. The exhibition centred on the oldest book in the Library collection, Georgius Agricola, De Re Metallica (Basel, 1556). The exhibition was curated by the Librarians, Anisha and Jill.

After a successful opening Roly Keating invited us to see the British Library’s copy of De Re Metallica and meet Kristian Jensen (Head of Arts and Humanities) who has a very keen interest in the book.

We also met Jonnie Robinson, Curator of Spoken English who specialises in linguistics and dialect.

Roly Keating came to say hello and we met the Chief Librarian Caroline Brazier.

"It was a wonderful day, meeting enthusiastic, knowledgeable and interesting people at the British Library.  We enjoyed the surroundings very much too. We were also very lucky and got to see the Magna Carta exhibition." Says Anisha, Museum Librarian. 

A brilliant end to a very exciting day!

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