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Posted on by Anita O'Donovan

People are motivated to volunteer for a variety of reasons. Sandra saw volunteering as a means of establishing herself in a new area.

When I moved to Yorkshire from the Midlands I knew no-one except my daughter and her family. I realised I needed to find something to do and to provide myself with the opportunity to get to know the area and its people. Fortunately I answered a call for volunteers at NCM and so began a fantastic experience.

I do story time for the under 5’s and I am a visitor experience volunteer. This involves welcoming visitors to our site and helping them to enjoy themselves.

It’s a joy to be here with such friendly staff and interesting visitors (I’ve already met a well-known TV actor!) I’m learning so much about mining and its history through all the events and exhibitions.

I love every minute.

Sandra Tyrell

Could volunteering at NCMME help you as it helped Sandra? Click here to find out how to get involved.

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James Cartwright

Hello, I visited the museum for the second time last Sunday and thought the trip down the shaft and tour underground was wonderful. I am really impressed and glad the museum exists--the displays and information are first class. I also loved the horse-gin near the car park! Although I have never worked in a colliery, I have been interested in old mines for many years and researched the numerous old collieries in my home town and had some of my work published in booklets. I am interested in volunteering at the museum and would try anything available. Please let me know. Kind regards

James Cartwright

Sally-ann Burley

Pleased you enjoyed all the many things we have to offer on the 'surface' at the Museum. We're not surprised you had to come back twice to see it all! As volunteer co-ordinator I'd be happy to have a chat on the phone or in person at the museum regarding volunteering opportunites.Just get in touch! Sally-ann

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