November Miner of the Month : Stephen Oxley

Posted on by Melanie Charlton

This month we've been talking to Stephen Oxley AKA Oxo or 'Lord Oxley' as he likes to be called!

Stephen recalls his years as a miner..

"I started as a miner in 1978 as a temporary job and 26 years later (!) to the day, the 12th June 2004, I left the industry due to pit closures. Most of my career was spent in the Selby Coalfield"

Can you describe some of your memories?..

"I worked underground in various official capacities. The work was always interesting and varied and I met a very wide range of people over the years."

So how did Stephen come to work at the Museum?

"I became aware that the Museum was looking for deputies through the NACODs Secretary and it coincided with me leaving the industry so I applied & was invited to join the Museum. I work as a guide but I also do pit inspections and educational talks so it's really varied."

And what does Stephen think is the best part of his job?

"The variety of the work is great, I really enjoy that. It's a pleasant place to work at the Museum and I get to meet a wide cross-section of the public. It's good to be able to keep the knowledge of coalmining alive for future generations."

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