Miners' Safety

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In the early day of mining, men used to have to wear old clothes from home when working down the pit.

Clothing items such as a waistcoat, cord trousers, clogs and a flat cap were all common uniform.

These clothes did provide warmth in cold mines. However, if there was a rockfall or the men had to crawl on their hands and knees, the clothes did not provide much protection.

Use the template to draw your own miners’ uniform and consider the following:

  • How will he keep warm in a cold coal mine?
  • How will you protect the miners head from rock falls?
  • How will you help the miner see in the dark?
  • How can you stop his hands from getting sore?
  • How can you stop his knees from getting injured from crawling on an uneven floor?
  • How will you protect his feet from falling rocks?

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