#MinerMonday: Underground Special!

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We're back again with #MinerMonday, this time underground! Tune in to see Pete explore the different gas detectors that you'll see our guides carrying while on an underground tour!

Speaking of the flame safety lamp, did you know that the Museum is set to open up a brand new exhibtion called the Illumination Gallery, all about the development of this hugely important piece of miners' kit?

Funded by AIM Biffa, the new gallery will draw on the fund’s theme ‘History Makers - People Who Shaped Our World’ and will explore the contribution made by Sir Humphry Davy to the invention of the flame safety lamp, which saved countless lives and inspired generations of scientists and engineers to keep making advancements in new and improved technologies.  

Sir Humphry Davy (1778-1829) was a chemist and inventor, and his discoveries were widely celebrated in academic and scientific circles, as well as by the general public who would gather in amazement to watch his experiments and lectures. His story will be told alongside the stories of other history makers who developed and improved the flame-safety lamp, the invention of which is widely credited to both Sir Humphry Davy and George Stephenson. The flame-safety lamp was revolutionary in underground lighting as it not only provided illumination but also helped miners detect explosive gasses in the environment before they became problematic.

Download and have a go at this wordsearch, all about the flame safety lamp!

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