May Miner of the Month : Rich Tea

Posted on by Anita O'Donovan

This month we've been chatting to lovely miner guide Rich Teasdale AKA 'Rich Tea'.

Rich began mining at the age of 16, starting at Sharlston Colliery in August 1974 as an apprentice fitter.

"After Sharlston I moved to the area Dosco team as an engineer. For this team I was lucky enough to work at all the pits in Yorkshire in the 1980s and 1990s and I ended my career at Riccall, Selby."

Rich recalls some of his memories..

"The men you meet while working in the mining industry are not just colleagues but true friends and this is true from pit to pit. Another great memory that I recall - as an apprentice I was selected to go on an exchange visit to Germany with 18 other apprentices to study mining methods in Germany."

So how did he come to work at the Museum?

"I came on a visit to the Mining Museum with my son, dad and good friend who was an ex-miner in July 2015 and was fortunate to be offered a role as a guide beginning in August 2015"

And what does Rich think is the best part of his job?

"The best part of the job is being part of a team again and taking the public on a tour of the pit and seeing their reactions to the conditions the miners were expected to work in. I never expected to be taking people on a tour of a mining Museum from Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska and of course local schools, giving them the opportunity of seeing a part of history that is no longer here!"

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Jez Cooper

Are Rich's family from North Pennines (Teesdale)? I work at Ayle Colliery, the north east's last pit. Have just started on Twitter - @jezpitman - doing my bit to boost interest in this historic industry. Visited you about 20 years ago, plan to see you again soon.
Best wishes to you all, especially Rich!

Tony Banks

Top men the guides at Caphouse cocgratulations

Tony Banks

Top men the guides at Caphouse cocgratulations

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