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We're heading out into nature this half-term, and at the Museum we're busy keeping our grounds – which is like our garden- in tip top condition. Of course, being outside comes with lots of creepy crawlies!

When you go outside, have a look around and see what you can see! Have a dig in the soil and see what you can find – it might not be coal like the miners would dig up, but you might find some mini-beasts who help keep the soil healthy and provide food for birds.





Have a go at making your own mini beasts!

What you need:

  •          Paper/card
  •          Scissors
  •          Colours
  •          Glue
  •          Lolly stick (optional)
  •          Glitter (optional)

To make a beetle:

Fold a piece of paper or card in half and draw half a beetle 

Cut our your beetle and colour it in – both sides for the antenna.

If you have some glitter, sprinkle some on the back of the beetle so it looks shiny, then fold out the antenna and legs.

To make a centipede:

Draw the shape of a centipede.

Cut the shape out and then cut some small strips of paper in a different colour.

Glue the body shape and stick on your strips down the body.

Put a line of colour on each and fold the ends. If you have a lolly stick, glue the end of the body on.

To make a worm:

Draw the worm shape – make sure it's quite long and then cut it out. 

Colour it in pink and then twist it round a pencil so it is now wiggly!

You could add some other decoration, such as googly eyes!

Why not photograph it and post on Twitter or Facebook? Make sure to tag us in so we can see!

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