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Winston Churchill Memorial Trust – 50th Anniversary Reception at Buckingham Palace, Wed 18th March 2015

 Ivor Brown recently attended a reception at Buckingham Palace and was introduced to the Queen and Prince Phillip. The Queen wished to meet representatives of the persons who had received a Winston Churchill fellowships (she is the patron of the trust that provides the fellowships) during the last 50 years.  Ivor applied for a fellowship in 1986 to study ‘Mining and Tourism’ in the USA and Australia. At that time he was, as part of his work and as a volunteer, assisting with the Caphouse Colliery Mining Museum project and other projects. The fellowship allowed him to spend nearly 8 weeks meeting persons involved i9n with similar projects abroad.

The Queen asked about the present day position of the projects and seemed suprised to hear that Caphouse was now a National Mining Museum. The Duke of course had in fact visited the museum in July 2002. 

More about Dr Ivor Brown

What’s your name? Dr Ivor Brown 

What do you do at the museum? Library Volunteer 

Tell us a bit more about what that involves? General assistance and answering specific enquiries.   

How long have you volunteered at the Museum for? Since the early 1980s with a short break before 1993. 

What made you want to volunteer? I had been trying to set up a mining museum in Yorkshire since 1977 and previously in South Yorkshire when a lecturer at Doncaster College in the 1960s. 

Tell us about your life before volunteering at the Museum? In the mining industry from 1952 – 1994 (full time – underground under official, mining lecturer, mine planning and consulting). The part-time consulting 1994 – 2004 alongside volunteering at the museum. 

What do you enjoy most about your role? Meeting new people interested in mining. Handling and using old tools and sourcing information. 

Can you tell us an interesting fact or something surprising that you have discovered or learnt, whilst volunteering at the Museum? Too many to quantify.

For more information about volunteering at the museum please click here.

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