Last chance to nominate Britain's most Family Friendly Museum!

Posted on by Anita O'Donovan

Have you visited the Museum with your family and had a fab time?

We've entered the Telegraph Kids in Museums Family Friendly Museum Awards and we'd really appreciate your support with nominations, before the closing date on Sunday (10th May).

We have a wealth of experiences to offer families, whether that be parents and their children or carers, guardians, grandparents, aunties, uncles or friends!

Boasting a 45 acre accessible site, brand new Asparagus Green Catering café, 140m underground tour, nature trail, library, under 5s play area, play ground and endless galleries to explore – we offer a great day out, all absolutely FREE.

Have you visited in the school holidays and enjoyed our crafting activities, on-site train and various themed site trails?

Or maybe you've joined us at Wacky Wednesdays with your under 5s for free crafting, singing, story telling and exploring?

If you have visited with your family, and had a great time, please vote via if you feel we deserve the title of Britain's most family friendly museum in 2015, and cross your fingers for us! 

You can view our personal behind the scenes nomination on the Museum’s YouTube channel.

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Sophie Noke

I was a bit scared about going underground at first but when we were under there I was eager to get going and I loved getting my face dirty with coal. I went with a group and me and my friend from Cubs stayed together. We wenter on the 4/7/2015 and the person that showed us around was really funny and full of humor. He also knew a lot of facts. If I got the choice I would go there again because it was so great make sure you and your family go because I am sure my Cub leader and fellow Cubs really enjoyed it

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