June Miner of the Month: Mick Green

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June Miner of the Month: Mick Green

Each month we’ll be introducing you to our very own Miner Guides. We’ll delve in to their life in mining and discover just how they ended up at our Museum. 

Mick Green began in mining at the tender age of just 15 ½, straight from school as a mining trainee, he later became an apprentice mechanic.

Mick worked at Grimethorpe colliery from 1966 to its closing in 1993.

“The main thing you had from working and living in a mining community was the close friendships from your work mates and neighbours” Mick said.

“But the lads would kid you so you’d have to listen 100% and believe 10%!”

Mick is a playful character in the miner team, he keeps a range of articles with him down the mine for tours to interact with all ages, ask him what’s under his hard hat next time you’re darn t’pit!

Mick came to the museum on a trip and got talking to now fellow miner guide Chubby Brown, who asked him if he’d fancy a job here.

“The best part of my job is definitely the education trips, and talking to the school children.”


Next month we'll be talking to Robert White AKA Chalky.  

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Samantha Nuttall

I brought a class of 30 7-8 year olds to the mining museum earlier this year. Mick was our miner guide and he was amazing! He had such a great manner with the children and was extremely knowledgable about the mine. He made the trip for the children absolutely amazing, and they all feel like they have a bond with him. I'm going to show this to my class tomorrow, they'll really enjoy reading it! Thank you again Mick, you were amazing!

Miss Nuttall's Class 3

I would like to say thank you to Mick because you were a great tour guide. We hope you still enjoy doing the tours, hopefully we'll come back! Our favourite part of the tour was when Mick showed us the trappers who opened and closed the doors for their parents. We also loved Santa's underground grotto! Well done Mick for being miner of the month, you deserve it! From Class 3 and Miss Nuttall.

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