July Miner of the Month: Robert White AKA Chalky

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July Miner of the Month: Robert White AKA Chalky

Each month we’ll be introducing you to our very own Miner Guides. We’ll delve in to their life in mining and discover just how they ended up at our Museum. 

Robert White AKA Chalky’s journey began in 1968.

“I didn’t have relatives working in the mines, but lots of my school mates did.”

Chalky started as an apprentice fitter on a good scheme, which was also well paid.

“I started underground when I was 16, I had to grow up very quickly, it was a harsh environment.
We all had to work as a team, looking out for one another. It was dangerous work but had great camaraderie or craic, it was second to none."

Chalky finished working at Gascoigne Wood in 2003. He knew a few ex-colleagues here at the Museum, who mentioned how great it was and the rest was history.

“I get great job satisfaction here as a miner guide. I take good trips and love getting thanks for doing it at the end of a tour by happy visitors.”

Next month we'll be talking to Ian Scott AKA EEEEN.  

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