January Miner of the Month : Chubby

Posted on by Anita O'Donovan

This month we've been talking to Chris Brown AKA Chubby or Mr Christopher to the children who visit. 

Chris recalls his years working in the coalmining industry..

"I started with the National Coal Board in 1966 as an apprentice electrician. I switched to underground working in 1968, working outbye on haulage etc, to facework in 1969, doing various jobs such as ripping corner work, face line work, developments and salvage."

Can you describe some of your memories?..

"A vivid memory is seeing men come to the surface absolutely blackened by coal dust, not being able to even recognise my father and brothers. I also have memories of going to Park Mill to undergo my facework training and realising, by the way I was treated by the instructors, that everyone was a whole unit."

So how did Chris come to work at the Museum?

"By answering an advert in the local paper, the Barnsley Chronicle."

And what does Chris think is the best part of his job?

"Being able to relate to people, especially children, how we existed - how we lived and worked. The lamproom for the constant flow of characters who come and go and become a fond memory and good friends."

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