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Happy to help!

On Sunday the 21st August Sarah was volunteering in the Heroes & Heroines Exhibition Space. Although Sarah was busy working on her paper cut art, of the miners who work at NCMME, Sarah says
"I love to interact with the museum visitors. I am glad I spoke up and asked if people knew any miners, heroes and heroines. I think about a dozen visitors nominated from me suggesting they could, and it was lovely to see how proud and happy they all were to have done so."

Nominations and Names

"I especially would like to make sure that 4 miners go on the tree as they are missed so much by their beloved wives, who visited on a Community trip from Bolsover on Sunday."

"The lovely ladies nominated and I hope to see them on the tree in the exhibition soon."

Other little people came along some to go underground, and a few to see the WW2 event at Hope Pit.

Fynn and Davey, some young visitors, came dressed up and stopped off with Sarah for a while to do linocut rubbings and have a chat.

Another little star was Ava-May who wanted to draw one of the pit ponies, sats Sarah "we talked about drawing, nominating her Great Grandad as a mining hero and countless other things".

Children were also happy to sit and do some of the activities from the Museum's Art Cart. Teenagers, mums and dads found out about how to do lino cuts and about the Life Lines Paper Cut Project Sarah is doing about the Miners at NCMME.


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