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Highlights from Laura and Charlotte...

What have we done?

We have spent the last fortnight supporting the delivery of workshops, shadowing schools on their visits and created a number of resources that we hope are helpful to the Education Team. We also created a display in the Café, which showcased work from the printmaking workshops we took part in.

What have we learnt?

One of the many things that we have learnt from our stay is that day trips are NOT a day off for teachers. We have seen a broad range of engagement from teachers and we agree that, in order for the trip to be useful and educational, teachers still need to control behaviour and keep the children’s focus, whether they are doing self-led tours or are taking part in a workshop.

We have also learnt about how much a museum has to offer a school and how much they try to cater to every schools individual needs to give their pupils the most fulfilling experience.

What was the highlight?

Laura’s Highlight: My personal highlight was experiencing the ‘Sally Fletcher’ workshop, watching sessions delivered by both Andrea and Lisa. I thought that the sessions were very engaging and interesting and I found that they appealed from children as young as 6 and 7, right up to the teacher!

Charlotte’s Highlight: As well as thoroughly enjoying the ‘Sally Fletcher’ workshop, my highlight was going on the Underground Tour with the schools. The miners were very enthusiastic and engaging with the children and adults alike; the tours were interesting, funny and very informative that could cater to a wide variety of audiences from school children to their teachers and the general public. These tours are a must if you ever plan on visiting the museum!

How would we describe the museum to others?

The museum offers a lot more than you think it does! No two visits are ever the same; you’ll always find something that you didn’t know was there. The workshops themselves differ from day to day depending on who is leading them; the same can be said for the Underground Tour.

The museum is a friendly and welcoming place full of very helpful staff; there will definitely be something here that can cater to everybody’s different interests. 


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