Hear from our Industrial Collections Volunteer Team

Posted on by Anita O'Donovan

Our dedicated volunteer John O’Toole talks about the ins and outs of being part of the Industrial Collections Volunteer Team at the National Coal Mining Museum for England.

"I’ve been working on the Volunteer Conservation Team for a while now and in that time I have worked on a variety of different pieces of old mining equipment.

"It is really satisfying when you get a machine that has seen better days and restore it for public display. We were working on a Siskol Cutter which was seized. We dismantled, cleaned and rebuilt it ready for public exhibition.

"We have recently worked on a Sutcliffe Lioness conveyor. There were some missing parts but with help from both the mining department and Maltby colliery, this has also been rebuilt. It will be out on display as part of the Science Week trail.

It is good to work as part of a team. This provides the opportunity to learn different skills from each other and have a laugh at the same time."

John O’Toole and the Industrial Collections Volunteer team, to find out more visit the Museum from 10am-5pm daily and explore our collections.

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Really great to see this work being done.

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