Dreaming Big: Create Your Own Dream Catcher!

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We've reached the end of this year's MuseumWeek, and we're finishing with the theme of dreams!

We know we are dreaming about when we can open again and share all our wonderful stories, objects and buildings with our visitors. 

What do you think our Ponies are dreaming of?


What about our cats – maybe catching mice?

Let’s make a dream catcher and see if we can find out!


What you need:

  • Materials to make a circle – card from the recycling, paper plate with the middle cut out
  • Colours
  • String or wool or ribbon
  • Tape and glue
  • Things to decorate

Step 1) Draw 2 circles inside eachother

Step 2) Cut the inner circle out

Step 3) Cut some small slits around the outside of your circle

Step 4) Thread your string to make a net, hooking them around the slits you created

Step 5) Decorate with drawings or stick things on - make it look as colourful as you can!

Step 6) Hang your dream catcher up and let it work its magic!

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