December Miner of the Month : Peter Wordsworth

Posted on by Melanie Charlton

This month we've been talking to Peter Wordsworth AKA 'Film Star Pete' who was featured on the recent programme about the closure of Kellingley colliery 'The Last Miners'. He is the guide pictured on the right of this photo which was kindly shared with us by a recent visitor

Peter recalls his years working in the coalmining industry..

"I started in 1983 at Kinsley Drift Mine at the age of 16. I worked at Riccall Mine for 15 years and became shift manager. I finished my mining career as Assistant Manager at Kellingley Colliery which was the last deep coal mine to close in 2015."

Can you describe some of your memories?..

"The most striking memory of the industry is the friendship, camaraderie, loyalty and 'family' feeling of working with hundreds of hardworking people. My personal memories are the highs of promotions, achievements and being part of the best miners in the world, but also of dealing with the loss of miners who lost their lives doing a job they loved."

So how did Peter come to work at the Museum?

"I made a number of enquiries for any vacancies after I was made redundant from Kellingley and when the opportunity came up I jumped at the chance."

And what does Peter think is the best part of his job?

"Looking at the smiles on the faces of visitors after a trip underground."

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