December Miner of the Month : Ken Dove

Posted on by Anita O'Donovan

This month we've been chatting to miner guide Dove, nicknamed Purps or Grey.

Ken started at Glasshoughton Colliery in 1965 straight from school, working as an apprentice electrician. He worked there for 20 years then moved to Gascoigne Wood in 1985 and worked there for another 20 years until 2005.

"I was 15 in August 1965. I started in the electric shop, working the day shift from 7am to 3.30pm. My first jobs in the morning were cleaning the snap cabin, lighting the fire in the shop, then going to the canteen & local shops for food for the electricians." So he really started from the bottom and worked up. "The National Coal Board enabled me to finish my education, I attended college on day release to get my qualifications."

Ken worked at Gascoigne Wood Colliery (the Selby Coalfield) until 2005. By this time the Selby Coalfield had stopped producing coal and was facing closure.

"I knew 3 of the miner guides who worked at the Museum, because they had worked at Gascoigne. I got the job here at the Museum in 2005"

So what does Ken love most about his job? 

"All parts of the job are equally good, whether it's the guiding, the electrical work or interaction with the great bunch of people who work on the site."


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