Collective Art Piece: Create a Mining Community!

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We're celebrating #CreativityandWellbeingWeek, and we’re calling on you to help us make it special!
Inspired by the artwork of Dave Wilders, who began making art as part of his rehabilitation after he was injured in a mining accident, we want to recreate our own artwork that will become part of our Virtual Museum (! All you need to do is use the template provided and design your own terraced house – the more colourful, the better! We've kicked things off by creating our own to show you what we're looking for.

Check out this picture of this community art group - looks like they're doing something similar!

Here's our example to get you started - make it as colourful as possible!

Here's your template to help you create your own terrace house design.

Once you’ve created your masterpiece, simply leave a picture of it on our social media using Facebook or Twitter, or email it to Once we have enough, we’ll create one big artwork using all of the designs sent! If you want to take part, please send through your creation to us by the end of Monday 25th May.

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