British Science Week

Posted on by Anita O'Donovan

This week, to celebrate British Science Week, the Museum has offered schools the opportunity to take part in our new Science Show, which tells the story of how the safety lamp was invented.

With explosions and experiments showing the dangers of gas underground, the show is both educational and exciting!

Pupils from Willow Green Academy enjoyed taking part in the Show today and learned how the three influential men involved, Sir Humphry Davy, George Stephenson and Dr William Reid Clanny, went about solving the scientific problem of finding a safe light to use underground.

If you want to inspire your children about science, come and visit our Family Science Day on Sunday 20th March. You can experience the science show for yourselves, and with other activities such as our light and colour workshop, it’s a day not to be missed.

You can even take a trip on the train and watch the impressive mining machines we have at Hope Pit in action, from the Steam Winder to the Ace Coal Cutter.

Take a look on our website for more information >> Family Science Day

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