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This week we’ve been chatting to two of our work placement students, Zoe and Elizabeth.

Zoe and Elizabeth are training to be teachers at York St John University. As part of their training, they came to do a week’s work experience here at the National Coal Mining Museum, working with local children who were visiting on school trips.

“What a fantastic week we have had! Everyone at the Museum is so friendly and we were really made to feel like part of the family!” - Elizabeth

The students have taken part in many of the different workshops that we offer to schools. We asked them which ones they enjoyed the most.

“My favourite was the ‘Sally Fletcher’ workshop. I really enjoyed learning about mining before 1842, and Sally was such a convincing character that she had me believing we had really travelled back in time! The children absolutely loved it and they learned loads of information” – Elizabeth

“I enjoyed the ‘Aunty Brenda’ workshop the most. The children loved being able to touch and feel the genuine artefacts from the past. My favourite was the snap tin, because it was cleverly designed in the same shape as a piece of bread!” – Zoe

The students were lucky enough to go on the Underground Tour twice during the week.

“The Underground Tour was absolutely fantastic! We worked with a school that chose to do the ‘Hands On’ Tour. The children learned so much from this amazing interactive experience and I will definitely bring my class when I’m a qualified teacher!” – Zoe

So, have the students learned anything interesting about mining this week?

“I had no idea that ‘pitch black’ was a mining term. I’ll always think about the NCMME whenever I say that now!” – Elizabeth

Elizabeth & Zoe will be back to complete another week of work experience in May.

“Thank you very much for having us! We have really enjoyed it and can’t wait to come back!”

This week we catch up with two student teachers as they complete their work experience placements at the Museum

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