April Miner of the Month : Mungo Jerry

Posted on by Anita O'Donovan

This month we've been chatting to miner guide John Connop AKA Mungo Jerry.

John started mining back in 1969.

"In 1969 I started as an apprentice electrician at Gomersal Colliery & after that, in 1973 as an electrician at Lofthouse Colliery and lastly in 1980 at Wistow until I left in 2003."

John recalls some of his memories..

"I remember the camaraderie among the underground staff the most"

So how did he come to work at the Museum?

"I realised the Selby Coalfield's closure was imminent and fancied the prospect of staying in the work I was used to. I learnt the guiding side of the job at the Museum. Nowadays I spend most of my time doing the winder"

And what does John think is the best part of his job?

"The teamwork - relying on each other, the laughs and the banter. I also enjoy delaing with the public and answering any questions."

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Tony Banks

I have known John many years and worked with him at Lofthouse and Wistow he his a great dedecated mining man .

Chris Schofield

I have known John since he joined the guides at the museum. He is one of the most genuine, friendly lads you could meet with a fantastic sense of humour.

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