An insight into the life of a volunteer - David Cross

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What’s your name? David Cross

 What do you do at the museum? Assistant in the Library

 Tell us a bit more about what that involves? Undertaking tasks as requested by the Librarians; shelving, listing collections, preparing indices to journals, small items of research.

 How long have you volunteered at the Museum for? About 4 years before I was fortunate enough to gain employment on a part-time basis (this was not my motive for volunteering).

 What made you want to volunteer? I had used the Museum Library while researching a PhD and liked its atmosphere and its staff. I volunteered as a relaxation from my research work, and because I felt that I could contribute a little to the library; I also thought that a better acquaintance with its collections and the source materials for the history of the mining industry would be beneficial to my own studies.

 Tell us about your life before volunteering at the Museum? I had been an archivist, a project manager with BT and an educational administrator, but was retired at the time that I began volunteering. 

What do you enjoy most about your role? I enjoyed the variety of the work and that I could do different things but had the opportunity to finish a substantial task if I wished to; for example, I listed the extensive records of the British Coal Utilisation Research Association, and prepared indices of colliery articles and leading personalities in the Transactions of the Institution of Mining Engineers. These were substantial pieces of work which I gained much satisfaction from completing without feeling under pressure to complete.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering at the museum, you can see our full list of roles and how to get in touch on our opportunities page. 

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