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The Yorkshire Brick Show

  • Dates: 22 – 23 Feb, 2014

The first annual Yorkshire Brick Show is coming to the Museum. Its taking place on the 22nd and 23rd February 2014.

Please note: we have been very busy on Saturday, and are expecting to be equally as busy on Sunday.  We are asking visitors to be patient, but to expect queues of up to two hours during busy periods.

Street scene made from Lego

The Yorkshire Brick Show is set to be the largest annual display of LEGO models and creations that Yorkshire has ever seen. It will feature impressive creations made with LEGO bricks from Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs) from around the world. 

There will be models galore from all themes in the LEGO universe, including City layouts, Trains, Star Wars and more. There will certainly be something for everyone. 

Coal Mining SceneJungle scene

What’s more, there will be loads of activities for the kids (and grown-ups) to get involved in, whether it’s in our build zone, attending one of our “Meet the Builders” presentations, or taking part on one of our fantastic competitions to win fabulous LEGO prizes. Visit for more details. 

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